Monday, April 9, 2007

About me

I like to hang out at school with my friends at break and just run around and annoy people. When i get home i usually get a snack do my homework and then talk to my friends on the phone for hours. i watch television a lot like Summerland or the Office with my dad. I don't like painting or colorikng a lot because i am the worst drawer in the world. My hobbies are soccer, cheerleading, vollyball, and dance. i have a lot of hobbiess but that and school is what keeps me active. My favorite teachers in the world is Roth Thurston and Zeitlow. Otherwise known as RTZ. They are awsome and we do a lot of fun projects. But when the kids get loud mrs. Thurston says be quiet!!!!!!! But Mr. Zeitlow says, GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Roth just says ok quiet down now. Right now my Oma nad Opas' here and were having a great time with them. We are going to have another scavenger hunt on my brother's birthday today because we ran out of time last night on Easter. We were also going to have cookies but once again we ran out of time last time. But we are going to do it all today on my brother's birthday. My brother is turning seven today And we have to go to the skate park. Well anyway at least i get to invite a friend! Well i have to go but check some out of my other writing! See ya!